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These Heartwarming Comics Sum Up The Common Yet Complex Parenting Problems & Give Best Solutions

There are several ways to cope up with depression and anxiety.

From art to music, the possibilities are endless. Similarly, Christopher Grady, a father, and teacher from Toronto finds comfort in drawing. Grady’s drawings and illustrations are a journey where he chronicles everyday moments. From his life as a school teacher, husband and father of two kids, his drawings narrate it all.

The comic series called Lunarbaboon is a documentation of Grady’s life experiences. And the response Grady’s comics got inspired him to draw more.

#1 It’s the little things.

#2 Grady continued to draw, infusing the panels with his own special brand of positivism.

Grady’s comics tackle important subjects with an effective lighthearted touch. To which, you can’t help but smile.

Here’s Grady’s take on teaching his son about consent:

#3 On being supportive of a gay son or daughter:

#4 What it’s like to raise a girl in a patriarchal world:

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