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“The Adventures Of Business Cat” Is An Absolutely Hilarious Comic You Need To See

We all know ancient Egyptians used to worship cats. I guess they never really got over that special treatment, since they still act like they’re Gods. You can imagine them as Gods, but can you imagine them as your boss? You probably can’t. The Adventures of Business Cat was created to give you a glimpse of just that. And it’s just what you expect: cats being lazy and awkward, as always.

Tom Fonder’s comic “The Adventures of Business Cat” is about a cat that owns a multi-billion dollar company. It portrays what life would be like if your boss was a cat, littering everywhere and sleeping during work.

Take a look at these hilarious pictures, and if you want to explore more, check out:


#1 Scratching doors for no reason


#2 Racist Secretary


#3 Spilling things for no reason at all


#4 He can call it “Box Office”


#5 Taking shortcuts

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