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10+ Funniest Comics Depicting Work Life Vs. University Life

University life is very different from life in the outside world of work- as a university student who has held a real job, I know that to be very true. Everything from what you eat to the way you talk to people has to change and at times the differences can be… well, bizarre to say the least.

This is something that Zach SYM at Za’chomics can easily relate to, as they can show by creating this very funny comics that show just how different working life and university life can be. Buckle in university students, you’re going to be entering a whole new world…

#1 Overtime

#2 Attire

#3 Bath

#4 Deodorant

#5 Email

#6 It’s All About Googling

#7 Greetings

#8 Initiating Talk

#9 Iron

#10 Jokes

#11 Late Night Call

#12 Leaving Early

#13 Making Friends

#14 Music Choice

#15 Normal And Luxury Meals

#16 Sleepless Nights

#17 Teammates

#18 The Burden

#19 Workout

For more information, check out the artist’s website

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