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Romanian Artist Accurately Depicts The Life Of A Teenage Girl With Her Comics & It Gets Too Real

If you’re young women living in a digital age, no doubt you probably have suffered the wrath of makeup tutorials or have been swayed by delicious goodness. Let’s not forget realities destroying our expectations whether it’d be sleeping, dancing, sun-tanning or trying on new clothes, life somehow always becomes a bad girl.

Cassandra Cain has perfectly portrayed the problems of a modern woman. Below are 22 images portraying a 21st-century woman. Which one do you relate the most?

Source: Instagram | Tumblr

#1 Seasonal Boots

#2 The Cake is a Lie

#3 Swimsuit Problems

#4 Everytime

#5 Expectations vs Reality

#6 Selfies

#7 Smokey Eye

#8 Curly Hair

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She drew a wickedly funny caricature of the teacher.

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