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If You Have Ever Laughed At This Viral Photo Of Her, You Should Read What She Has To Say About It

On the internet, there are countless videos of people doing dumb things.

Whether it’s falling, getting hit comically, or just doing outrageously crazy things, there are videos and pictures, and people to enjoy them. If you’re one of the people who likes that kind of stuff, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll have seen the picture of an obese woman in Walmart tipping over from her scooter.

The woman in question has since come out and made a statement.

A long article was written on TheMighty describing the truth about that image. Many assumed that it was merely a picture of an obese woman too lazy and overweight to get up from her scooter to pick up soda bottles. The truth is far more depressin.

The reason she’s come forward is so that people stop pointing and laughing at strangers on the internet.

You might question if whether or not she is who she says she is.

But that’s just it. She proved it by posting other pictures of herself as well.

So no.

Don’t laugh at people on the internet, because you don’t know what they’re going through. Context matters. It always has.

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  • Candace Honeywood

    Candace Honeywood

    2019-11-10 07:24:47

    i laugh at my partially deaf sister & make fun of her. my mom always taught me to never take anything serious & always find ways to laugh at yourself. cuz life's hard, then you die.

  • RyanMarie08


    2020-01-03 06:17:22

    @candance honeywood that's not cool dude nothing about that is nice and as girls we care about how ppl treat us so I'm sure if ur sister hears or has heard what u say about her she would be displeased -sincerely 12 yo me

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