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8+ Sad AF Comics You Will Relate To If You Are Making Through Life Struggles

Life is harsh.

Are you going through ‘that phase’ in your life when happiness, success, and peace seems like an impossibility? Don’t worry, we all are. And it’s not going to end anytime soon if you’re expecting that! Sad life; tell me about it.

James Regan started drawing these comics a little over a year ago to help with his depression; to remind himself to smile more often. Although he did not expect these comics to relate to other people, he loves the response he is receiving now.

Check out his comics below. Some of these will definitely either make you feel more depressed or maybe bring a little smile to your face.

1. Well, that’s pretty much dead.

2. Our love for dogs.

3. We’ve all had THOSE nights.

4. I think the cloud just threw up.

5. Let’s just lie here all day and procrastinate.

6. It’s okay, I can get things done some other day.

7. The tomorrow that never comes.

8. I guess that’s not so uncommon after all.

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