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An Artist Draws Honest Illustrations About Her Relationship, And Many Couples Recognize Themselves In Her Work

Mary Park, an artist from Los Angeles that goes by the nickname Murrz, draws funny comics about life’s moments that are familiar to each of us. Today’s 8 illustrations are dedicated to relationships and they’re likely to make you feel anything but indifferent.

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  • Millie LeBleu

    Millie LeBleu

    2019-11-30 15:39:14

    Lol Lol Lol Lol

  • J.L. Childress

    J.L. Childress

    2020-01-03 07:57:48

    yes, it's us

  • STIHIVCookCo


    2020-01-04 07:57:44

    i also have a sweetheart

  • Cortney Sacre

    Cortney Sacre

    2020-01-05 07:57:41

    it is me to squish my husband's belly

  • Cristina Chuquel

    Cristina Chuquel

    2020-01-06 07:57:36

    we love hamburgers too

  • Elizabeth Keeler

    Elizabeth Keeler

    2020-01-04 00:45:14

    urmurgursh i didn't kno this was common lol don't feelso gross now lmao

  • Susel Maldonado

    Susel Maldonado

    2020-01-21 16:15:07

    lmao i would feel the same way sometimes when I'm with my bf

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