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Hilarious And Legit Things God Actually Thought While Making The World

The idea of God is different for different people.

Some believe science is their God, others believe it’s a sentient deity, or some believe that God is beyond the scope of understanding of simple humans. Either way, it’s a thing that has a lot of controversy and conflicted feelings around it. People don’t know how much they don’t know, and that’s problematic.

However, people can’t help but create ideas of what they think the Biblical God is like, and they took to Twitter to make light of the difference a Creator entity and a Created entity.

#1 Jellyfish.

#2 Females.

#3 Elbows.

#4 Miracle maker.

#5 John gone Donne it.

#6 Man and God.

#7 Finally, right?

#8 Leviticus micromanaging.

#9 Horus is back.

#10 We don’t really know what God looks like.

#11 Church hack.

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