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8+ ”Oh No” Comics That Perfectly Sum Up Your Adult Life

Are you fed up with your life routine and everyday problems?

Then don’t worry. Because you are not alone. We are all in this together. Sometimes the problems in life can get so hard to handle that it just makes you want to give up on everything and go live in a far distant cave all by yourself. But of course, since that really isn’t a convenient option so we turn to memes and comics to find our temporary escape from reality. And to be honest, it works out just fine.

Comics can help fight depression, anxiety, can help you overcome your insecurities, boost your self-esteem by showing you that what others think about you isn’t the most important thing. It helps us in countless ways and we just can’t thank them enough for this. So if you are having a bad day or even if you are not(we hope not), just scroll down and see some of these amazing “Oh no” comics that hilariously represent different life problems. Enjoy!

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