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8 Surreal But Accurate Illustrations That Depicts The Grim Reality Of Today’s World

Real life is a mess.

The whole point of being alive is to be happy. It’s growing harder and harder to get to that level. Yes, you could say that chipping away at any rock is going to break it in half but that truth is sweeter than the cynics would like. After all, only lies are sweet, the truth is often very bitter.

So these comics, all of which depict very uncomfortable, and very bitter truths, might change the way you see the world.

#1 The wealthy and the poor.

#2 Generosity.

#3 Forgiveness.

#4 Perspectives.

#5 Chained.

#6 Held by a leash.

#7 Falling in love with money.

#8 Moralities.

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