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10+ Comics About Shaving That’ll Leave Women In Tears

Women are held to a different standard than men.

Which is pretty obvious, since, you know, men and women aren’t the same. And that’s not to say that one is better than the other either. Nevertheless, there are some social double standards that women have to deal with, especially concerning shaving.

And artists all over the world have created comics depicting this double standard.

They are hilariously painful and painfully hilarious. Have a look-see and know that you are not alone!

#1 Honestly, shaving your armpits should normal for both genders.

#2 When you miss a small spot on your toes

#3 When you shave and want everyone to notice

#4 When you’re not “girly enough”.

#5 Difference between a good and bad relationship

#6 Hair length = Time since last date

#7 The tiniest little spot

#8 Feminism isn’t why she doesn’t shave her legs. It’s because she’s really lazy.

#9 Mistakes were made. Consequences were shouldered.

#10 What age does to you

#11 You don’t have to get every spot.

#12 Ingrown hair causes

#13 Men’s razors are heavy duty and women’s razors are USELESS

#14 Body hair growth rate vs head hair growth rate.

#15 Summer standards

#16 As you grow older, you care less.

#17 No, it’s not. Everyone makes fun of guys with moustaches like that.

#18 Gray, the Lumberjack

#19 How to shave depending on what you wear.

#20 Just in case.

#21 Close-ups

#22 Who you should shave for

#23 The day after shaving is terrible and itchy

#24 Buried under a glorious amount of body hair.

#25 Maximum single-hood

#26 The shower time chart

#27 They grow like your body drops everything and focuses on pumping those babies out.

#28 That’s a knee-hawk.

#29 Surprised that she did the deed with only one chainsaw. I know people that need multiple.


#31 Body hair spider.

#32 Different animal transformations

 #33 Chainsaw and lawnmower level work

#34 The self-harm no one talks about </3


#35 Mistakes were made.

#36 Minimal effort!

#37 I cringed.

#38 Leg crossed winter.

#39 Bee-leave.

#40 This isn’t even my final form.

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