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Comics Show The Legit Struggles Of Sharing Your Bed With Someone & It’s Accurate AF

Sharing your bed with another person is not as simple as it seems.

Did you know that you go through 6 stages when you share your bed with someone? I didn’t know either, but that might be because I am just a lonely cat lady. Anyway, moving on from the pathetic aspects of my life…

We are here to show you those six stages visually. So you don’t have to read a long boring paragraph. Why? Because who even reads anymore? Wait, you’re reading this? Ah, dammit.

It starts out innocently enough.

But then you realize that you’ve been deceived.

And then the real struggle commences.

Then there are the weird angles everyone sleeps in.

There is also the fact you might get a heart attack because of their sleep habit.

Last but not least you come to appreciate the bed when you have it all to yourself.

Just don’t do it too much, okay? You might become a hermit otherwise.

Do you go through the same stages when you share your bed? Or did we miss a few? Comment on below and let us know!

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