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Cartoonist Creates Relatable Comics Anyone Can Laugh At

Adam Ellis aka @adamtots, is a cartoonist/writer who became known during his tenure at Buzzfeed for drawing webcomics intended to be relatable. Needless to say, his comics were very relatable. The native artist from Portland, Oregon debuted his works on his blog Books of Adam, where he shared art and musings about various topics. In 2013, he published Books of Adam: The Blunder Years, a book of his art and various stories and he also began posting his comics to Reddit in 2014.

One thing is for sure, these comics are extremely and hilariously relatable.

Basically every cat… ever

All of us, every summer, ever time we go into air conditioning.

The art of procrastionation

Everyone, and we mean everyone can relate to this.

That moment when all hope is gone.

It's a part of the outfit!

Loading… loading…

Just why!?

This sounds like a 100% true story

You aren't alone

When those fortune cookies start to give some real advice

Worth it!

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