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Top 20 Chris Christie Memes That Went Viral

Chris Christie, or Christopher James Christie, is a lobbyist and American politician. His name went all over the internet after he and his family were caught enjoying the sun in a closed New Jersey-state beach after he ordered a shutdown of state parks and beaches all weekend. The public didn’t take it well and they expressed their wrath with tons of Chris Christie memes.

What I Said Was


His Were The Eyes Of A Man Who Has Gazed Into The Abyss

Presidential Codename

Marco Rubio Doesn’t Have The Experience To Be President

Time For Some Traffic Problems

Too Fat To Run

I Know Nothing

I’ll Close The Beach Ok

Gun Control

Git In Ma Belly

Knows He Won’t Win

Don’t Fart

I Don’t Delay Traffic To Get Back At Political Opponents

I Am Going To Eat

Invisible Pizza

Extra Cheese Please

You Have A Right To Privacy

We Do Not Burn Bridges

I Will Do To America

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