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Remastered Games: A Rightful Homage To The Classics? Or A Lazy Marketing Tactic?

ostalgia is a powerful emotion, and it seems video game developers have figured that out. Remastered iterations of gaming classics are rolling out in bunches now, giving old-school gamers all the feels for their favorite titles but with crisp graphics and quick processing. But are gamers being played by developers logging into human’s draw to nostalgia to make a quick buck on memories?

Here are three arguments making the case that remastered video games are a welcomed legacy, and three stating it’s mostly a marketing ploy.

Video game developers have tapped into a market with remastered games that old school gamers clearly will buy. That being said, the increased increasing frequency of reboots makes it harder for new titles to compete for attention. In the end, market forces that shape the industry, so next time you buy a game will you purchase a remastered classic or would you rather give a new release its fair shot?

This article was written by Jordan Stutts in collaboration with The Perspective, where you can get both sides of the big debates and trending news stories.

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