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17 Dancing Hot Dog Videos, Memes And GIFs To Share On National Hot Dog Day


I don' know about you, but I love that freaking dancing hot dog filter. 

He's rockin' some sick, green headphones, and he can flip around while doing a headstand. All while not spilling any of his condiments on the floor.

It's very impressive, to say the least. 

But like most of Snapchat's filters, it's also strange, confusing and someone must have been on something to come up with that. 

The little dancing hot dog took over the nation when it first appeared on Snapchat's filter list, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. I find it the most fun when you make life-sized per one of the videos on our list, or when he randomly gets taken away by a train, car or shopping cart. 

Man. What a time to be alive.

And don't feel bad if it makes you a little hungry. This is a judgment free zone boo thang. Whether you love it or find it slightly creepy (like I wouldn't want to wake up and see him standing in my doorway), it's the perfect meme to share for National Hotdog Day, which is July 19. 


Personally, I'll be celebrating today by eating a hotdog and trying really hard not to think about what is actually inside of them. 

No matter what the rumors may be, hot dogs are an American past time that should be celebrated with ketchup, mustard and relish if you're weird. 

This glorious holiday should be spent attempting to get as many free hot dogs as you possibly can. But maybe don't eat them all in one sitting. That kind of sounds like a recipe to get super sick. 

You should also share one of these amazing videos, memes, and GIFs of the famous dancing hot dog. It's the only way to really show him your support. 

1. Bye bye. 


This amazing Snapchat glitch gives me so much life. 

2. They stole his hot dog. 

Where are you taking him?!

3. So beautiful.

Even the dancing hot dog needs a little self-love reminder.

4. He can be a little sketchy. 


Honestly, I'm a little creeped out.

5. #Goals.

If you haven't been thinking about Dancing Hot Dog as a Halloween costume this year you're lying.

6. This is incredible. 



Can he make a real appearance on "Broad City" or?

7. This is dark. 


Somebody needs to keep this guy away from any weaponry. 


I just can't. 

9. He's getting aggressive. 

He doesn't play by the rules.

10. WHY

Seriously though??

11. He tried to warn him.

RIP Dancing Hot Dog. 

12. Nothing but respect for MY president. 


13. Oh no. 

He's got the moves. 

14. I'm dying. 

Takes having an imaginary friend to a whole new level.

15. Too real. 


He's also known as Mr. Steal-Your-Girl.

16. Not even Drake can escape him.


Ever since I left the deli you, starting cookin' less and goin' out more." 

17. The worst. 


Like why are you making this so difficult?

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