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22 Magically Funny Black Cat Memes

There is an air of mystery and fear around black cats. People get superstitious when they come across a black cat on the streets or by their doors. Black cats are always associated with bad luck, witches, warlocks and all things magical. They say these creatures are witches in cat forms.

There is also the superstition that black cats can save your life. We believe this very much. If these funny black cat memes are an example, then yes they can certainly save your lives. Just laughing at these memes can extend your life by 5 years!

Atheist Cat

Are You Ready For These Black Cats

Day 32

Haha Human, Seriously?

I’m So Done

I’m Too Cute

Invisible Harp

The Meme To End All Black Cat Memes

I Regret Nothing

It’s Like One Minute

Leave Me Alone


Black Cat Identity Crisis

A Black Cat Can Dream

Where’s The Fish?

I Feel You Mr. Black Cat

The Only “Witch”

There’s Something Wrong

I Am Not Playing, Hooman!

My Black Cat When She’s Watching Jungle Book 

Don’t Make Me Go Down There

Hooman, Are You Kidding Me?

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