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The Best Of Waluigi'S Smash Snub

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation at E3 2018 stunned fans when it revealed that every character who was ever in a Smash game would be returning, along with Splatoon characters, Daisy, and Ridley. But one name conspicuously absent from the roster was Nintendo's mischievous party-game staple, Waluigi. Waluigi, Luigi's inverse and Wario's good evil-doing buddy, has only appeared in multi-player Mario games, and would seem a perfect fit for the Smash series, but no dice. Waluigi fans took it hard, and major publications (including the dang Washington Post) wrote about the injustice. Memers got to work to. Here are some of our favorite jokes about Waluigi's Smash snub.

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