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20 Best Happy Belated Birthday Memes

Looking for a happy belated birthday meme?

If you forgot someone’s birthday, don’t be embarrassed! It’s better to greet somebody a bit later than others than not at all.

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Here are 20 memes to post on your friend’s wall to let them know that it’s okay to say belated happy birthday. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

A Belated Birthday Wish You I Must

Bet They Aren’t Thinking Of You Today Like I Am Happy Belated Birthday!

Birthdays Are Special Days But You Are Special Every Day!!!

Happy Belated Birthday Now Release Your Anger.

Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry Am Late

Happy Belated Birthday There Was No Network In Jungle

Happy Belated Birthday. You’re Old.

Happy Late Birthday

Hey Girl. Happy Belated Birthday.

I Burried A Gift For You But Now I Can’t Find It.

I Don’t Always Send Belated Birthday Wishes

I Hope I’m Not Too Late… Happy Birthday

I Know You Had Lots Of Wishes Yesterday

I Would Say Happy Belated Birthday

I’m Sorry Happy Belated Birthday

Never Forget Your Birthday Buddy

Sorry For Bee-ing Late

Sorry For Being Slow.

Sorry I Didn’t See Your Birthday Coming

Sorry I Missed Your Birthday

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