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23 Best Friday Memes To Share On Facebook When You'Re READY For The Weekend


Saturday is a good day because you know that no matter what you do or what trouble you get in, you still have Sunday to relax and repair yourself.

Sunday is terrible.

Sorry, Sunday, you're just the worst.

From the moment you wake up, you're counting down the hours until bedtime because once you go to sleep, that's it.

Monday is knocking on your door!

Then the alarm rings and you're so tired and you don't even want to move to turn off that stupid ringtone you chose two years ago when you thought it was cute; now it's just annoying.

Everything feels like such an exhausting task, even brushing your teeth or finding two matching shoes.

But your Monday isn't over, is it?


You get to work and there's always going to be that ONE person who is super cheery and already running around an hour before work even begins.

We hate that person, don't we?


Don't be that person.

Tuesday is almost worse than Monday, because you're still tired AF and still have a whole week to go.

Wednesday, or Hump Day, is ridiculous.

"Oh, we're just over the hump!" The excited colleague says as she hands out memos from the supervisor that that explain how overtime is required but compensation is not.

Then you get to Thursday, and when you wake up, you're excited. Why?


But no, it's not Friday yet. You still have an entire day to bust your ass before you get to the BEST DAY OF THE FREAKIN' WEEK.

And then ... it comes ... Friday.

Friday is the best day of the week, hands down. You still have the entire weekend to look forward to, for one.

But it's just that special air about the day where everyone knows the clock is ticking right down to Happy Hour. Right down to that special moment where you're free to leave.

It's almost like you're a child and your mother just said you were allowed to go into the store by yourself.

What do you do with yourself? Are you allowed to eat candy?

The opportunities are endless.

And you know what?

It's because you have that Friday feeling. That perfect combination of "I'm going home to sleep until Monday morning!" and "F*ck it! I'm going out and having fun and I'll worry about it on Sunday."

You know you love that feeling.

So, for you, my friend, I have gathered 23 of the BEST Friday memes for you to share because you know you're not the only one with that tingly sensation of love toward the day of the week.


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