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20 Heavy Breathing Memes To Take Your Breath Away

Heavy breathing usually is a result of extreme physical exertion. At times, you’re in a really intense situation and your emotions just get to you. Sometimes, life deals you hard situations. And then you can’t help but feel your lungs constrict.

There are various reasons why you  would breathe heavy. Mostly because you are having a really trying situation like these heavy breathing meme list we gathered.

Meet PumPecApple Pie

When you’ve just maxed out your card

God is a pizza

Bacon wrapped crust pizza

When humans leave a box lying around

When you see a hybrid and food in one

When you’re trying to eat healthy

Doritos loaded

Straight from Willy Wonka’s Factory

Landmines everywhere


The largest lava lamp

Need for speed underground 3

Nutella squeezy… oh the possibilities

Peanut butter brownie pizza

Meowth that’s right

Doritos and cheese crust

Red velvet oreo

ARMYs every BTS comeback

That is not a pizza , that is heaven

Vin Diesel is shaking

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