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20 Funny Almost Friday Meme

Can you relate to an almost-Friday meme?

Office workers all around the world always long for that last day of work. For most of us, that day is Friday and the feel of Friday is like reaching the finish line. Friday night is also the best time to unwind with friends especially right after work. Delicious food, a cold drink, and the company of good friends — no wonder we look forward to this day.

For everyone who loves waiting for Fridays that much, here are some of our favorite almost-Friday memes.

Almost Friday

Brace Your Liver

Calm Yo Self

Can You See Friday Yet?

Don’t Worry

Friday Is Almost Here!

Friday Just Called

Hang In There!

Hey Girl


If Friday Had A Face



That Almost Friday Feeling

It’s Almost Friday Night

That Look On Your Face When You Realize

When You Realize

When You’re Trying Your Best To Stay Positive At Work


Yeah, If Thursday Could Be Friday


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