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20 Wat Lady Memes For The Stumped

What? What? WAT?

Yes, that’s right. Wat is often a meme word for confusion or puzzlement. While some say the misspelling is due to stupidity or ignorance, we’re inclined to think it’s also a result of laziness and/or humor.

In this post, we’re featuring the WAT grandma. Her surprised face has made her one of the most iconic images associated with WAT. It’s so much so that she’s been called the WAT grandma or the WAT lady.

Check out all the WAT lady memes spawned by the Internet.

65 Wat

Choco Wat

Churn Down For Wat

Doctor WATson

Wat Are You Doing Son?

1.21 Giga – WAT

Jabba The Wat


One Does Not Simply Insult An Entire Continent


S.WAT In Theaters

The Angkor Wat

The Wat In The Hat




Wats Love Got To Do With It?

Wat Woman

When They Put You In The Wrong Meme

Why Can’t I Hold All These

Do you think you’ll be able to use any of these WAT lady memes?

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