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20 Excuse Me Memes You Can Use Anywhere

Sometimes, when you’re just too incredulous or blasted out of your mind, what you need is a good excuse me meme to get your feelings across.

Remember those moments when an acquaintance or colleague at work had a really ridiculous moment or idea? If an eyeroll is not enough but you can’t voice out your misgivings either, a picture would be worth a thousand words. Just send out an excuse me meme. You’ll be making a point AND adding humor to your day.

Check out our collection. You can use these memes in different situations and you definitely won’t run out.

Skeptical Baby

Angry Baby

What Did You Say

Uhhmmm Excuse Me

Mitt Romney Excuse Me

Don’t Interrupt Her

Donald Trump Excuse Me

Pissed Off Obama Meme

Excuse Me Kind Sir

Now If You’ll Excuse Me

Excuse Me Stewardess

Excuse Me Come Again

TV Community Annie Edison Excuse Me

Try To Get Past You

Excuse Me Talin

I Have Pissed Myself

Mini Me Kickstand

Funny Guy Excuse Me Meme

Excuse Me Miss Perfect

Katt William Meme

Now you have a good “excuse me meme” to use on Twitter!


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