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Q&A With Rooster Teeth

hile attending the New York City Comic Convention on October 11th, 2013, I got to spend some time talking with three members of the Rooster Teeth Productions team about their latest project RWBY, a video series about a group of teenage girls training to become monster hunters. I sat down with Monty Oum, RWBY's creator and Rooster Teeth's Director of Animation, writer and co-director Kerry Shawcross and writer and director of Red Vs. Blue Season 11, Miles Luna for a talk about their favorite creations, writing process and, of course, their feelings on shipping.


Q: You've worked with so many different types of media, what's your favorite medium to work with?

Q: From any of the things you've worked on, what episode or series are you the most proud of?

Q: How do you guys maintain a consistent voice with so many different contributors?

Q: How do you feel about people shipping your characters?

Q: Do you have an OTP?

Q: What's next for RWBY?

Q: Is there a meme that spawned from a Rooster Teeth series that you guys enjoy?

Q: Are there any YouTube channels you can't live without watching?

Q What your favorite thing about coming to big conventions like this?

Q: On that note, you guys have your own convention for your fans, RTX. How is that different?

Q: Any final thoughts?

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