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20 Adorably Funny Dog And Cat Memes

Maybe you love dogs, or maybe you adore cats, and maybe you love both! But one thing is sure, you will always be asked if you are either a dog lover or a cat lover.

These two awesome creatures of that makes our hearts soft have very different personalities. And often times, our own personality get judged based on which pet we prefer.

Cats are very aloof, independent and clever animals. Most aren’t needy of cuddling but definitely all demands attention. Dogs, on the other hand are very friendly, fun loving and social animals.

We’ve compiled different dog and cat memes to show you what we mean

We Can’t Afford That Cat

Mission Blend In: Day 11

Finally, I Understand

Nobody Gets Hurt

Cat And Dog Finally Working Together

I Don’t Think You Understand

Giving That Pet Talk

It’s Cold Out

Bully Cat

Separated At Birth?

They Won’t Leave The Door Unlocked If It Wasn’t Ok

Oh God

Petting Fluffy vs Petting the Princess

The kitty is sleeping. No One Moves.

We Need To Talk. Now.

Literally Me and My BFF

The Extent You Go Through To Watch Your Drama Show

Move On, Nothing To See Here

You Never Yell

My Cat Judging My Sanity

Please share these lovable dog and cat memes to your animal loving friends and spread the softness and make everyone swoon.

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