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25 Kim Jong Un Memes You Need To See

Kim Jong Un is one of the most controversial and powerful leaders today. Assuming position right after the death of his father, his name has been all around the internet these past few years. With his nuclear threats and unique point of views, you’ll find his names not just in the news but on social media, too. This strong-willed leader has even become popular in the world of memes.

If you are wondering what we meant by that, here are a couple of Kim Jong Un memes that are taking over the internet.

240,000 Lbs Of Food

And This Is Where You Select

Fairure To Raunch

Hey Guys

Kim Jong Fun

I Don’t Always Threaten The World

I’m Gonna Nuke You

I’m A Little Despot

I Order You

Its Always

It’s Not A Phase Mum

I Used To Have Missile

Kim Possible


Martial Law Will Remain In Effect

Meet The New Boss

That Spot Right There

Threatens Nuclear Warfare

What Do You Mean

Why We Clapping


You See That Island Over There

Our Latest Rocket

What Do You Mean

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