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20 Kristen Stewart Memes About Her Famous Facial Expressions

Kristen Stewart started her acting career as a child actress. Years later and she became one of Hollywood’s most-talked about stars thanks to her co-lead role in The Twilight Saga. Spawning five films between 2008 and 2012, all of Twilight films became massive commercial successes. As a result, Stewart became one of Tinseltown’s hottest young actresses — even with her singular expression.

The Twilight Saga garnered much success but Kristen Stewart’s acting? Not so much. Many critics pointed out the blankness in her expression with no variations whatsoever. Even at red carpet events, the actress rarely shows her glee. So, without further ado, let’s revel in these Kristen Stewart memes because unlike vampire-loving Bella here, we love to laugh.

And For My Next Impression

Boyfriend Comes To Work

Chuck Norris Tells A Joke

Emotions Of Kristen Stewart

Even When I Smile, I Don’t

I Can’t Smile

I Forgot How To

I’m That Girl From Twilight

My Face Hurts From All

Now You Saw Me Fat

One Facial Expression

Roses Are Meh, Violets Are Whatever

She Will Never Have A Boyfriend

Still More Facial Expressions

Stop Smiling, Kristen Stewart

This Is The Most Excited

What My Friends Think I Do

Why Can’t You See How

Wow, It’s The First Time I See

You Want To See Other People?

While we poked fun with these Kirsten Stewart memes, you may want to check out her other works where she shows a very good acting range.

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