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The Jebaited Guy Fought At AEW'S Fyter Fest

Professional wrestling is a magical subculture where anything can happen, whether it be something incredibly awesome or incredibly dumb. AEW saw a little of both happen at last Saturday's Fyter Fest pay-per-view when Community Effort Orlando CEO Alex Jebailey, known to Twitch commenters everywhere as the owner of the Jebaited face, fought Michael Nakazawa in a "hardcore" match that was frankly far more entertaining than it had any right to be.

While it's not uncommon for non-wrestlers to appear in-ring at big wrestling shows, it's usually for a quick comedy bit where they have to do one "spot," which in wrestling lingo means a specific, scripted action around which the rest is mostly improvised. Alex Jebailey fought a full fifteen-minute with ridiculous spots galore.

Fyter Fest took place next to CEO's annual fighting game tournament, which in the past has seen professional wrestling stars like Kenny Omega and Xavier Woods compete. It was at such a tournament that Jebailey met Omega, and the two struck a partnership that eventually led to 2018's CEOxNJPW event in Florida, where Jebailey made his in-ring debut and defeated Nakazawa. This set the stage for their rematch at Fyter Fest.

In a "hardcore" match, all foreign objects are legal, and it didn't take long for the pair to litter the ring with all manner of goofy objects they repurposed into weapons. Nakazawa broke out his signature baby oil, which he used to cover himself and break out of a hold from Jebailey. Jebailey hit Nakazawa with a fight stick; Nakazawa choked Jebailey with a Gamecube controller; Jebailey threw Nakazawa onto a pile of arcade buttons, then straight-up kicked him the nuts. All the while, commentary dropped fighting game community inside jokes, including references to Smash players' notorious smell.

Eventually, Jebailey took the loss after the referee was too distracted by getting a face full of Nakazawa's thong to make a count in his favor. Nakazawa was able to reverse Jebailey's pin and shove said thong into Jebailey's face for the three count. While there's no word on whether the pair will meet again, there were certainly enough shenanigans in their Fyter Fest bout for a rubber match down the line should the opportunity arise. All in all, their match was a ridiculous bit of entertainment that can only be described thusly:

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