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Confusion Seemed To Be The Real Theme Of This Year'S Met Gala

The 2019 Met Gala's theme "Camp: Notes on Fashion," based on the Susan Sontag essay "Notes on Camp," may have been perplexing to some but, in the end, set the red carpet up for an inspiring and odd night.

No, Not Summer Camp

And Don't Get Your Hopes Up, Beyonce and Rihanna Weren't There

BUT Ned Stark's Head Was

And Frank Ocean Made An Appearance In Security Guard Cosplay

Janelle Monae's Look Somehow Looked Like a Children's Book

Some Missed the Memo

Channeled Every Diva

Maybe the Theme Has to do With Food?

Or Maybe Not

Ezra Miller's Makeup Caused Headaches

At Least He's Found a Place In Fan Art

And More Fan Art …

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