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The BEST Memes & Funny Tweets About The Trump Jr. Russia Collusion Emails


Yesterday, Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out a June 2016 email chain that showed the Russian government's support of Donald Trump's campaign and Donald Jr.'s attempt to set up a meeting with a Russian lawyer. One of the emails even promised "very high level and sensitive information" that would "incriminate" Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. 

The President has defended his sons "transparent" actions, even though they're evidence that the family at least considered support from Russia during the election. 

Of course, Twitter was on fire when this all went down. We gathered the best memes, tweets and reactions to the email chain's release: 

1. People were oddly reminded of this "Arrested Development" plot. 

2. Or this classic summer hit. 

3. People were 100% shocked Donald Jr. made that move. 

4. Like WHAT. 

5. Everyone is wondering what President Trump's involvement was, obvi. 

6. The internet took the blame for a bit. 

7. What's HC thinkin'?

8. The fact that the whole exchange was done via email is insane. 

9. And everyone's feeling a little guilty about Hilary's emails. 

10. Reporters who were chasing this were baffled. 

11. And still compared him to characters from "Arrested Development."

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