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The BEST Memes & Funny Tweets About Beyonce And Jay-Z'S Twins


Beyoncé took to Instagram to announce the birth of her new twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, July 14 and understandably the whole world is shook. 

While everyone is speculating on the what the twins' names mean and if they're doing well despite being born prematurely, we've gathered the best memes, tweets and reactions for you to share with you're equally excited friends. 

Because this really is the best day ever. 

1. When the twins' birth really did change your life. 

2. Shutting down all the haters. 

3. Wondering what labor was like for Queen B. 

4. Realizing your own expectations of being a mother just skyrocketed. 

5. Of course, the names are as epic as Bey is. 

6. And OF COURSE she drops it when we're all asleep. 

7. Bey is the only person who can one-up herself. 

8. But the way she announced Sir's name is hella confusing. 

9.  ????

10. This is too real.

11. Realizing she's so perfect in her Instagram announcement. 

12. Queen B's post-baby body. 

13. Honestly though...

14. For real thanks for waking us up. 

15. Also did she predict this in her song lyrics??

16. Slightly worried about how Blue Ivy is adjusting. 

17. Is Blue Ivy alright??

18. Because the Carter twins are a huge deal. 

19. And for the rest of the day, we'll all be like:

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