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Q&A With Shiro Ulv

hiro Ulv is a 21-years-old IT security consultant living in Brunswick, Georgia. Born Matthew Schimmel, Shiro identifies himself with the growing subculture known as the Otherkin movement. In April 2013, Shiro was featured in Logo TV’s special documentary I Think I Am an Animal. Since the airing of the documentary, Shiro has gained online notoriety for being "The Wolf Guy" after a screenshot of him identifying himself as a “wolf therianthrope” from the program began circulating on Tumblr and elsewhere online. What is more, Shiro has been an active member of the Know Your Meme community for over a year. In the light of this discovery, our longtime research moderator MisterJ reached out to the wolf-man himself to chat about his Internet fame.


Q: How did you come to appear in the Logo TV documentary?

Q: How do you reflect on your internet fame? And how has others in your life reacted to your internet fame?

Q: Do you regret appearing in the documentary?

Q: How often were you requested to repeat the famous memetic line thus far?

Q: Since your appearance in the documentary, alongside with your identify as a wolf, went viral on the internet, has the attention it gathered resulted in positive consequences on your private or social life, and within the therein community?

Q: Are you aware of the furry fandom, and would you identify yourself as a member?

Q: How would you say the otherkin/therian community is treated online and in society at large?

Q: What would you like people to understand regarding the otherkin/therian community?

Q: Is there any significance behind the name Shiro Ulv?

Q: Are there any variations of your meme that you find interesting?

Q: Are there any plans in the future regarding your internet fame?

Q: How did you first find out about the therein community? And how did you find out that your phrase was made famous online?

Q: How did you find out that your phrase was made famous online?

Q: What are some of your go-to sites? Are you active in any specific online communities?

Q: Do you have any favorite internet memes?

Q: Any favorite Internet-famous people?

Q: You have said you are a fan of the Sonic franchise; have you created an original character related to it?

Q: What would you tell someone who is in a similar situation as you right now? Regarding both otherkin/therian and internet fame.

Q: To close up the interview: do you still stand by what you say when you said “on all levels except physical I am a wolf”?

Q: You do not bark in real life like you did in the video, correct?

Q: Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Shiro Ulv is an American I.T. security consultant and the founder of Kinmunity, an online community and resource website for Otherkins, therianthropes and other individuals who identify themselves as non-human, based in Brunswick, Georgia. In addition to his active presence within the Otherkin subculture, Ulv has spoken at various panels as an advocate of autism rights movement. For more information, visit his official website at This interview was conducted over email by Know Your Meme research moderator Mister J in November 2015.

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