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15 Bye Felicia Memes For Getting Rid Of Somebody

Who is Felicia and why is everybody saying goodbye to her?

Felicia is a character in the comedy film entitled Friday. In the movie, two jobless stoners Smokey and Jones need to pay $200 within a day for a drug deal. As expected, when Felicia rolls in asking to borrow a car and have a joint, the two men refuse. Jones then says his iconic line, “Bye, Felicia.”

So, if you want to say goodbye to somebody you want to get rid of or somebody unimportant, then grab a Bye Felicia meme and send them on their merry way.

And The Lord Said Unto Felicia

Fare Thee Well

Have A Life Like Felicia

I Bid You A Fond Farewell

I Don’t Always Mean To Be Rude

I Don’t Always See Felicia

I Wish I Was Felicia

Natasha Leaving On Her Last Day

Patron Saint Of Farewells

What Does That Mean

When It’s Closing Time At Sec

White People Be Like

Who Is Felicia

You Are The Weakest Link

You Trying To Tell Me Sparty

We’d like to send a Bye Felicia meme to all our credit card bills, thanks.

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