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Real World Wishes Little Girl "Happy Birthday, Loser" With Accidental Birthday Cake

Life comes at you fast, so say the memes. For this little girl, life came at about 2-years-old.

In the Facebook group "Sad Sales, Stolen Goods, and Sketchy Services Museum and Hall of Shame," one mother shared a photograph of her little girl on her birthday, staring down at a cake that reads "Happy Birthday, Loser," which Walmart mistakenly sold them. Walmart is rolling back prices and ruining birthdays these days.

Mother and cake-purchaser Melin Jones explains, "My daughter's name is Elizabeth, we call her Liz and her nickname is Lizard. I got her a cake at Walmart for her birthday. I told the lady to write 'Happy Birthday Lizard.'"

Apparently, the mother is not much a proofreader. She brought the cake home and presented it to her daughter without so much as a glance. Had she checked, the mother would've noted the phrase "Happy Birthday, Loser" on the cake's icing. Let this be a lesson to you, folks: Always read the cake before leaving the bakery.

The little girl's sullen realization that she was, in fact, the loser to which the cake referred made for an unsurprisingly popular viral photograph. With her visage appearing in various news outlets, including CBS, The New York Post and USA Today, people around the world can now Google the phrase "Happy Birthday, Loser" and find a photograph of 2-year-old Lizard getting her first, sweet taste of reality.

The woman took it in stride, telling People magazine, "I was a little shocked, but after a few seconds, I couldn’t stop laughing. I had no clue they got it wrong. I was in a hurry and it seemed like a simple enough request. I wasn’t really expecting anything to be wrong with it."

Walmart has yet to comment on the cake. One can only assume that they stand by their cake, which referred to a two-year-old as a "loser."

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