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The Memes Of The Week: August 12th, 2019

The week of August 12th will likely go down as one of the most significant in American history, particularly in regards to conspiracy theories. The death of Jeffrey Epstein and circumstances that seemed to raise more questions than answers have fueled conspiracy theories to Kennedy assassination-levels, among Infowarriors and regular folk alike.

Memes outside of Epstein seemed to glom onto the conspiratorial, otherworldly qualities of week's biggest headline. Zombie Snails and Simon Cowell's descent into the uncanny valley, challenged the way normal people see the world, transforming it into a demented carnival that has been carefully documented and mocked online. Let's take a look back at the weird week that was.

Jeffrey Epstein's Death

Those awaiting the downfall of a horrific sex trafficking ring that was run and operated by the world's wealthiest and most powerful people awoke Saturday morning to some unexpected and disappointing news: Jeffrey Epstein had died in prison. What happened next changed the narrative. Conspiracy theories exploded online as people across the political spectrum agreed that there was something fishy about Epstein's death. However, who or what was to blame split the conversation between two conspiracy theories: Clinton Body Count and something about Epstein's ear.

The two most prominent friends of Epstein, former President Bill Clinton and current President Donald Trump quickly became prime suspects, with the typical Clinton conspiracy droves overcoming the fact that President Trump's justice department was actually responsible for Epstein's safety. However, one thing everyone could agree on is that no one could have predicted the week ending with us all staring at a portrait of Clinton wearing the infamous Monica Lewinski blue dress that Epstein commissioned and hung in his home.

Zombie Snail

From mysterious deaths to unnatural re-birth, the Zombie Snail's colorful image hypnotized and terrified the web in equal measure. A viral video of the parasitic worm called Leucochloridium, a very real-world nightmare, taking control of the motor functions and eyes of a dead snail, sent a chill down the spine of everyone who saw it. The only way to process the idea that a parasite -- which, again, currently lives on the same Earth as us -- can take control of a dead being was to meme the thing. But are memes enough to stop the crawling dead?

Simon Cowell's Face

We live in weird times when aren't always what they seem. That which once felt familiar, now appear distant, obscured by time and plastic surgery. Case in point: Simon Cowell's face. Once the snarky and unnecessarily aggressive judge of American Idol became the subject of public concern after a photograph of his face went spread around the internet this week, looking like something that escaped from Madame Tussaud's. Cowell's lifeless smile and sunken eyes confused memers around the world as they struggled to understand what happened to their old friend. Once been the mean-spirited gatekeeper to stardom had become a shell of his former self trapped in a prison of their own vanity.

Smudge The Cat

As we opened the book on one mystery, we closed the book on another. Over the last year, the Table Cat of Woman Yelling at a Cat fame had become something of an icon, one of the most popular and beloved characters in memedom. But who is this cat? Why do they look like that? Well, we finally have some answers.

Smudge the Cat is a real cat with a really expressive face, and when Smudge's social media account went viral this week, we finally got a look at the many sides of the Table Cat who hates salad. I mean, look at this face. What a ray of light in a dark, dark week.

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