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Best Donald Trump Memes, Quotes & Tweets That Show He’s Our Marie Antoinette

oh, Donald ...

You might be thinking that having President Donald Trump in office is a mistake.

You might be thinking that the democrats didn't work hard enough or that the wrong nominee was elected (I miss you Bernie!).

Well, I'm here to tell you you're wrong.

Every single day, when I wake up, I have the pleasure of scanning my news feed on Facebook and Twitter and finding the most hilarious comments that our favorite commander in chief said while I was asleep.

Because, you know, he tweets at 3:00 AM when this mama bear is on her third Ambien dream.

For example: In President Trump's latest interview with Fox News, he spoke about how he discussed the Syrian air strike he launched only a few days ago. 

I'll let you see for yourself.

You might even say he's our generation's Marie Antoinette who is known for the saying "Let them eat cake!"

Who is she?

According to

Marie Antoinette married the future French king Louis XVI when she was just 15 years old. The young couple soon came to symbolize all of the excesses of the reviled French monarchy, and Marie Antoinette herself became the target of a great deal of vicious gossip. After the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789, the royal family was forced to live under the supervision of revolutionary authorities. In 1793, the king was executed; then, Marie Antoinette was arrested and tried for trumped-up crimes against the French republic. She was convicted and sent to the guillotine on October 16, 1793.

Am I the only one here who sees the irony of her being tried for "trumped-up" crimes. Come on!

It was written in the freakin' stars. Donald Trump is Marie Antoinette reincarnate.

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Now, I don't expect President Donald Trump to be sent to a guillotine anytime soon, but I do expect the investigations into his alliances with ... others to prove that he is not equipped to handle the presidency. But that's just me. 

I shall wait patiently.



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