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10 Memes Only Fans Of Rough Sex Will Truly Appreciate

Because who doesn't like it like that?

Not everyone is into the whole Fifty Shades scene, I get that. But, can you really call sex sex without a little kinky rough housing? You've probably guessed by now, but the answer is: hell no.

Or, there's the possibility that I could totally be a masochist charading as a slightly more vanilla sex-goer. Definitely a possibility. 

But here's the thing: you don't have to enjoy paddles, whips, and ball gags to veer into some super-duper mild S&M, as the scope of S&M is a wide one.

And because of that, I don't think we realize at the time that we jump to say, "Oh no, that's far too kinky," we're already straddling the fence when we, in turn, say, "I do however enjoy having my ass slapped, hair pulled, and a little pressure around my throat (aka erotic asphyxiation) while I have sex." You're kinkier than you know! 

Basically, none of are as vanilla as we believe. We're more like Neapolitan-flavored when it comes to sex — liking a little bit of everything — including the rough stuff. And really that's fine! All you can really do is hope to find someone evenly kinked out as you are.

That's why you will 100 percent get a kick out of these 10 memes about rough sex that say all that we think when it comes to our slight obsession with kink-lite sex. Memes are good like that, you know? They bring the world together in relatable subject matters, making us smile a little as we have our private (sometimes dirty) thoughts. 

So, of course, we picked the dirtiest, kinkiest, and sexiest memes we could find on the internet — the ones that will make you want to call up bae right away and beg for them to come over. 


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