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The Best Of "Well Yes, But Actually No" Memes

Sometimes a misheard phrase can become more iconic than the intended line. Who can forget Creedence Clearwater Revival singing "There's a bathroom on the right"? Do you even know what the actual lyric is? No you don't. Don't @ me.

The phenomenon of "improved-by-mishearing" wiggled its way into meme culture this month when "Well Yes, but Actually No" hit Reddit. The quote originated from the short film So You Want to Be a Pirate!, but the line of dialogue is actually "Good guess, but actually no." For memes, this is of course an infinitely worse line. The matter-of-fact contradictory tone of "Well yes, but actually no" has endless potential as a reaction image, and sure enough, Reddit got to work creating dozens of jokes based off the misheard Pirate line. Let's take a look.

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