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15 Ikea Memes That Is So Hysterically Familiar

Many of us have at one time or another bought our first piece of furniture from IKEA. It holds a lot of sweet memories for a lot of us. It’s where we had the first fight with our fiance. IKEA is also where we had our first burst of confidence in assembling that cute study table or that charming crib for our baby. We then come home only for our confidence to be stomped on by meaningless instruction manuals and pictures that don’t make sense. Even our engineering degrees fall prey to IKEA’s streak of taking away confidence born of years of experience building skyrises and bridges.

Here is our IKEA meme collection to further take that self-confidence from you.

Go Home Or Go Broke

More Wine Please

I’m Done With Ikea

Ikea Breaking Good Relationships Through The Years

Where Do I Sign Up For Coffee Table Assembly?

My Boss During Our One On One

Ancient Egyptians Were Ahead Of Their Times

Where Is The Part Where I Stare Into Nothingness?

My Knee Bone Connected To My Back Bone

Me Walking Into My Husband One Week After The Ikea Trip

Do It Yourself Birthday Party

My Husband Is So Addicted To IKEA

Assembles Coffee Table From IKEA. Puts Engineer In Resume.

I Didn’t Mean To Do It. Please Go Back.

My Dad When Mom Sends Him To Get Scented Candles

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