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23 Nostalgic Lion King Memes For Disney Lovers

Who doesn’t love the Lion King? Who didn’t gush to young Simba and Nala and their love story? This coming of age story of the young cub prince who escaped death from his Devious Uncle Scar and met his lifelong friends Timon and Pumba has graced every young child’s story books and dvd collection.

Of course older generation now are still not over Simba and his friends’ antic and you will find them sharing lion king meme posts in their social media accounts.

Let’s check out some of these memes collected from the internet by our amazing friends.

Bad hair days

A fastfood masterpiece

Grab my paw

Simba Keeping It Real

A Place For My Worries

Weak Wi-Fi? Let Me Just…

I Just Need To Send This

I Swear To Drunk!

Gonna Be A King

Cats After The Humans Watch Lion King

Ed is that you?

Frozen Is The Best Disney Movie

Please Make Me Unsee This

This Scar with This Bandana

Pizza Is Life

Squirtle, This Will Be All Yours

That Moment When You Realize Mufasa is Living The Dream

The Lying Queen

No! Don’t Make Me!

Trump Be Like

#LionkingChallenge. Nailed It!

When My Doctor is Being Brave

The Classic Lion King Meme of all time

We hope you enjoyed our all time Lion King Meme Collection. Give it a Like and a Share and make your friends laugh today.

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