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8 Funny TikTok Memes You Will Secretly Relate With

TikTok is a not so new app and it’s a mine for memes.

There are very great TikTok Videos that are super funny and are just waiting to be memefied. TikTok is such a fun social media place to hang out in if you love music and have a very huge sense of humour. The app sort of replaced when it shut down in August 2018. Some people seem to diss the app but a lot are secretly using it for fun and laughter.

We won’t get on the cringe-worthy videos but we do love our memes. So here we have our TikTok meme collection for your fun and enjoyment.

Abort Mission

I Really Want To Be A Tracer

YouTubers React To TikTok Videos

It’s Everywhere

Did You Mean TikTok Meme?

They Had Me At First Half

Types Of Headache

Hit Or Miss

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