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Jessica Biel Came Out As Anti-Vaxx And She'S Getting Roasted With All The Memes And Reactions

Actress Jessica Biel, who is also the wife of huge celebrity Justin Timberlake, has "come out" as an anti-vaxxer. She has recently been showing up at events, one in particular with anti-vaxx crusader Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,  to lobby against proposed California bill SB276, which would limit medical exemptions from vaccinations without approval from a state public health officer. 

She recently posted the below image to her Instagram where she openly talks about lobbying against the bill. 

Obviously, everyone and their mom had something to say about this including some hilarious memes about the actress and her husband which you can enjoy below. 

After receiving a ton of backlash, she came out and said she's not opposed to vaccinations, but she does not support the bill limiting medical exemptions. 

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