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8 Funny Bruh Memes You Can’t Get Enough Of

Bruh is a slang term we always here nowadays. Other popular variation of this slang term is “bro” or “brother”. It’s widely used to express frustration or disappointment at something. Online, the term is frequently repeated  through text comments and reaction images mostly on social media like facebook, twitter or even instagram.

One of the most popular bruh meme is that of Washington Wizard’s John Wall who has been immortalized on the internet. The picture is from 2012-2013 NBA Season when he was sitting out the game during an injury while his team was losing to Atlanta Hawks

Are you being serious right now?

You mean we are keeping the cat?

Why is the ocean salty ?

I’m sorry the old boy can’t come to phone right now, why? Coz he’s a good boy now

How come we have runny nose ?

Is it considered a beef?

I’m leaving you for a real man

Its all good bruh

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