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8 Sick Memes That’ll Scare Your Viruses Away

Are you feeling down in the dumps due to a cold or the flu? Feel better with these sick memes.

Being sick is no joke. You cough, sneeze, feel hot and cold, and even get dizzy. You have to miss work or school just when it matters. You can’t get too close to people or else they’ll get sick too.

Happily, laughter is the world’s best medicine. Share these sick memes and help yourself or a friend get better.

So You’re Telling Me That Kids Pretend To Be Sick

I Don’t Know Who Got Me Sick

Being Sick Got Me Like

When You’re Feeling Sick But Sociable

If Could Stop Being Sick That Would Be Great

When I Get Sick

Being Sick Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Cough So Hard

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