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8 Madea Memes That Are Just Plain Funny

Madea, also known as Mabel Simmons, is a character played by Tyler Perry. She has this weird tendency to overreact and threaten others with deadly weapons.  She’s known to use vulgar language and show off her outrageous toughness.

Despite her tough personality, Madea still has a soft side. She’s actually very loving and has this heart-warming motherly behavior. Just make sure that you aren’t disrespectful, rude or lazy so you won’t annoy Madea.

Now, if you’re impressed with her character, here’s a Madea meme collection you can share with others!

Ladies If Your Man Is Living In Your House

Oh Lort

I’m Keeping My Eye On You


When You On Break Chilling

Say Jirah One More Time

U Mad

So Gon Keep Scrolling

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