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8 Funny Take My Money Memes To Make You ROFL

“Shut up and take my money!” is a catchphrase that caught popularity in 2010 when Crackerjack posted an image of Fry (Futurama) taken from the Attack of the Killer App episode.  Since then, the phrase has been used to highlight a person’s interest in a product.

Now, 9 years after it was first used, the take my money meme is used by the younger generation to kick up their social media posts about the latest gadgets, concerts they like or just about anything that they want to hype.

Let’s check some of those meme’s shall we?

Beatles fans get ready with your wallets

Food lovers let me hear your scream

Bleach Fans Ready To Part With Their Coins

Marvel and DC fans are you ready?

Take my pesos mi amigo

Finger Fries?

Evee enthusiast are you ready?

Everyone give the man a dollar

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