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8 Hodor Memes To Remember GOT’s Beloved Giant

Admit it, you shed a tear or even was bawling out your eyes when Hodor died in Games of Throne’s 6th season. May 22, 2016 saw one of the saddest moments in GOT.

Wylis, as he was simply known before he became what he is now, was always loyal to Bran. He has been one of the few innocents the story had. His passing in episode 5 was one of the well-remembered and talked about moments in GOT history.

However, people recover from shock and sadness and with this birthed the Hodor meme. We also have our own Hodor meme collection, take a look and enjoy.

Hodor Meme that Broke the Internet of course

First, I Was..Then, I Was…

Had One Job

I Gotta Catch You


Let Me In

I’m Crying. Stop.

One Does Not Simply Do That

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