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20 That Would Be Great Memes For That One Coworker

Ever have that co-worker who’s just very smug, but out of touch from the office happenings? Doesn’t it remind you of Bill Lumbergh from the Office Space? Just scroll down these 20 That would be great meme bunch.

Come into the dark side

The company policy doesn’t discriminate

If girls could start noticing i’m a lesbian

The students approved


If you could bring back the web cam widget

If i could give you a hug

If you could pick up slack

Bro , think about the other people

If you could put your laptops away

Rule no.1: Read the instructions

Please read first

Did you hear him?

Dude got zero chill

Happy friday everyone

Please do yourself a favor

For the love of pizza stop down voting

Did you feel dizzy?

If you could stop using hashtag on facebook

When the GC is on fire and you just came in

Yes please end our suffering

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