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18 “Gorl” And Gru-Inspired Memes

We’ll take a wild guess. Despicable Me fan? Welcome to the club. Today, we’re sharing our collection of the funniest Gru memes.

When you’re talking about Gru, “gorl” memes aren’t far behind. Felonius Gru is the unforgettable character in the Despicable Me series. Formerly a supervillain and jelly manufacturer, he has somehow captured the hearts of movie-goers.

In 2018, a Twitter post about what search result you get when you type “gorls” instead of “girls” blew up. The tweet references Gru’s thick Eastern European accent and the rest is now history.

Check out these other funny Gru memes.

Hey Andy

Little Mermaid Gorl
A Gorl To Blow Your Mind
Beautiful gorls
Dank Memes
California Gorls
Part 6
It’s A Gorl
Your Gorlfriend
Hollaback Gorl
One Less Lonely Gorl
The Only Gorl
Texas Gorl
Mulan Gorl
I’m Okay, Gorl

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